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185 Years Long

The Dahdelpanei made themselves in charge of things and made the Vorten Law, which split up the big tribe and six smaller tribes emerged: Lounda, Jekyla, Luapo, Rettus, Baetha, and Thaoderik.

Catapults were invented during this era.

A huge war, the Landar War, started during the middle of the era between the tribes of Luapo and Jekyla. Nobody won because of the sea in the middle of the two tribes, and it turned into a cold war.

The Older Gods also started to think that the galaxy, Pavo Ursa, was empty and barren, so they created other solar systems and stars to brighten it up, also creating constellations. They created other worlds that were and were not inhabited. The last change, the Older Gods made Keverma's body the sun which replaced Heamot in the sky. Tuttlus did the same with the moon, but made an actual moon made of rock.

Also, the Old Goddess Tida accidentally destroyed Planet Green when the Older Gods were finishing the continent on the left side. They rebuilt it though, at the exact moment before the world was destroyed. She was severely punished for it to the point where she was shed of her physical form. She built a new physical form for herself and went under the new name, Waka.

The First God-Vraothaen War occurred during this era.

The Trade for Magic occurred during the later part of this era.

The Tlord Calendar was made during this era.

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