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The Helkiina Forest is a forest located in Blanroth. Originally a grassland, when a girl by the name of Helkiina committed suicide here a tree grew. Every time a person commits suicide, another tree grows.

The Heartcry lives on the edge of this forest. The beast Asrelóken lives in the center of this forest.

Helkiina Forest Poem:

This poem was written during the Fifth Medieval Era by Jornk Waskabii, a poet from Blanroth.

Helkiina Poem:

In between dreamscapes,

Running towards,

Always hoping,

Never wavering.


Shining silence across the fields past,

Forests come into view,

My anguish be over,

Over the folly is done.


Helkiina in his sights,

Pushing for redemption,

For relinquish,

Taking his chance.


What he took as indignation,


Out of whose dream,

Is this conceived?


The forest of death,

The martyrdom of a woman,

The quietus of his dreams.


Stark desolation within,

The marrow of his respondents,

Growth of dubious menfolk.


The forest,

Black and damp,

Tears of despondency,

A path of reminiscence.


A yell of no remorse,

Beckoned by the blackest hearts,

Shed of all mortal standings,

Full of sin.


A red figure emerges,


Alack grows over him,

He is spared no more.


The Mammoth Of Graves,

“To death you folly!”

The Personage Of Dreams,

“Only a fool shall flee!”


Due battle,

In wormwood,

Stricken with emotion,

Delving unhealable wounds of regression,

Jest at the sin,

The folly be done in his red soulcase,

The battle be done,

And disquiet has ended.


Left with self-judgement,

Coming to acceptance,

A backward glance,

And he is relieved.


Shifting alive,

Found in broad daylight,

Awake! The rectify is concluded!


The name Asrelóken is the word for sin in Lusom.