Eỹrthr̃uosus Religion Wiki

In the year 126, the Older Gods have a civil war that displaces several Gods, as they move to Planet Green.


During the First Medieval Era, in an attempt to divide and single out the Older Gods, the Vraothaen: Voladai and Asonavis worked out a plan to do just that. Voladai projected obfuscation onto Heamot, Horck, and Marais. The three Older Gods started to bicker between one another. From this bickering, fighting broke out between the three during the Second Medieval Era.

The three were separated and questioned. Voladai and Asonavis found this all really good and so Voladai projected obfuscation onto Xtamus and Padduon as well. From this, it only turned violent, and since there was no real reason for the fighting nobody stopped to ask questions.

This divided the Older Gods, and Kovit, Padduon, Kumusa, and Heamot all left to live on Planet Green.

Before the Vraothaen could have their war against the Gods though, these deities were brought back and when the Dark War occurred the Older Gods were united enough that they won.