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84 Years Long

After the Older God Parda put the Taeradons in Pookii and the Helcras were wiped out, they needed a new species to roam Planet Green, really to worship the Older Gods though.

Tuttlus was given the hefty task to not only create a species but one that would worship the Older Gods. He tried three times until he got to the Yonkapas, Humans. He made sure that he made the Yonkapas immune to the diseases that almost wiped out the Taeradons and more importantly so that they did not have free will. Tuttlus controlled them all.

They also made other animals like most of the animals we have on Earth in this dimension like Turtles.

At first it was very awkward between the Yonkapas and the Older Gods. The Older Gods were not sure how to act around them and early worship was very vague. Because of this the Yonkapas worshipped what the Older Gods were Gods of, like water but soon the Older Gods warmed up to the Yonkapas and vice versa and the Older Gods became very active with the Yonkapas.

This can be found in the first chapter of the Bible, The Vilnero, The Nameless. The groups of Yonkapas, in the beginning, were never given a name and so when they were referred to, they were referred to as The Nameless.

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