Eỹrthr̃uosus Religion Wiki

The First God-Vraothaen War was started when Menthin killed Chikatu in Pahldahl in the year 67, Third New Era. The reason behind this is unknown, perhaps Menthin just killed him or Chikatu started a fight.

Immediately, Horck killed Menthin triggering every Vraothaen and Older God to come as they all sensed the violence. A full on war broke out above Planet Green.

Eventually, purely because of numbers, the Older Gods started to win and eventually the Vraothaen were routed back to Kroplizen. But just before the battle ended, Cheỹeh and Aporeu both bit Horck. Their poisonous venom caused Horck to have horrific hallucinations for nearly a hundred years.

When he came too he prepared the Gods for the Second God-Vraothaen War, as he planned to get revenge on Cheỹeh and Aporeu.