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The Cavernshade, Vlencáventho'od, is a nightmare creature that acts like hallucinations, seen in many places across Planet Green.

It is tall and slender with long fingers and a skull for a head.


Though it haunts peoples vision, and not everyone can see it, it has never been known to cause any direct harm to anyone, besides ruin peoples sanity. It is known, however, that when it is around strange things start to happen, like lights going out, hearing weird sounds, and sometimes things are tampered with.


The Cavernshade was first documented during the Third Medieval Era in a mine in eastern Blanroth called The Yellow Cavern.

Later, in the same era, it was documented in a mine in south western Raandeler called Orange Mouth.

During the Fourth Medieval Era it appeared in several different mines ranging from Tylacta to Krosa to Homsla etc.

But then by the Fifth Medieval Era, it vanished entirely.

It returned during the Dark Era when a group of kids explored an abandoned mineshaft called Blackbelly, and since it has been seen randomly all over the world mainly in abandoned mineshafts.


Many have speculated that it is a hallucination brought on by the Vraothaen, but this theory has not been proven.

Others think that it could be a separate mysterious being like the Dhisworhns.

Another theory is that he could be a version of Sepsam, but the theory is very loose at its base because Sepsam also strangles people and the Cavernshade is not known to have harmed anyone.


The Cavernshade has acted a lot like the nightmare moth man creature from the Yogscast series, Whale Lords episode 16.