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Roxberoghcles is one of the most influential philosophers of all times.


Roxberoghcles was born in the village of Sappins. Sappins was a relatively small village, but was in an area of Orbert that didn’t have any other kingdoms or settlements. The village was in between Rettus and the other empires of Sirna and Tlum. Because a lot of trade was going through the village it was becoming a major village very fast.

This made Roxberoghcles, who was eleven at the time, think about this. The question, why? He wondered why they were doing this to his kingdom. Roxberoghcles was only a child at the time but this was one of the biggest moments of his life.


“War unites people under a common idea, a common mission, and against a common foe. People will always flock together. After all, a common mind is a common please.”

“Why can’t darkness be a part of the light?”

“The worst wars are the ones that aren’t physical.”

“Why are we presented with the idea of free will? Is such a thing possible? Isn’t our ideas of what’s wrong and right a limitation of our free will? It obstructs our perception into thinking we have free will. Right now there are two choices: stay and listen or leave. If you stay is it by free will or is it because of a reason based on your morality? If you leave is it free will or is it based on your perception of me being wrong?”