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EP: Eder Pookii, After Pookii (*After Pookii's creation*)

At the start of this era, Zeponaɪ̯on and Uneimon started to create anything and everything they can think of. They start by turning the cold hard nothingness of the area of the Ground into stone first, the first element, then dirt, and finally ores. Soon after a form of grass Zeponaɪ̯on later called the Tall Stone Life, their first life form. Then came the water and their first ocean; which was at first a big crater in the ground.

But, while Uneimon was away Zeponaɪ̯on started to experiment with life and produce life the same way the dirt did, but as a small plant like the Tall Stone Life that Zeponaɪ̯on later called the In Water Length. When Uneimon found out about this she became angry and smashed the ground in rage, which coincidently created huge mountains at the end of the cracks. She ran away to the biggest where she built an enormous palace.

Zeponaɪ̯on was mad that she over reacted, but he had a liking to her so he journeyed to the mountains to her palace to apologize. On the way he started creating more stuff to give her, like the first flowers, or different colored Tall Stone Life, he created a stone tank full which he filled with the In Water Length, and lastly, he crafted a ring from ores he made on the way. But when he got to the top he was met by jealousy at the palace. He soon lost this jealousy though in hopes of forging a future with Uneimon. He continued through the palace and entered a great hall, and at the back of the great hall sat Uneimon on a giant throne of what would be named iron that she had invented, and she looked angry. She shot up and ran over to him in anger yelling at the top of her lungs, and because they did not have a language she was just shouting random noises. But Zeponaɪ̯on stood tall and proud till when she reached him, where he got down on one knee and held out the flowers and the tank. Uneimon stopped before him, put her hands to her chest, and then slowly reached out for the presents. But before she turned and walked away, Zeponaɪ̯on held out the ring. Uneimon gladly, and in a surprised state, accepted the ring. And thus the tradition of marriage began.

Immidiently after Zeponaɪ̯on had the thought of making a way that they could communicate better to each other, more than the psychic blank, emotion only thoughts they were sending back and forth. So, over the period of inventing more and more new stuff, they developed the language that became known as Godspeak.

Further into time, Zeponaɪ̯on and Uneimon continued their relationship until Uneimon ended up in a pregnant state; she was gifted this state from Ysdruoker. She eventually conceived fifteen children, of whom Zeponaɪ̯on called the Galooagosic. They were: Tiydra, Natrel, Parga, Lopetag, Niydon, Sirga, Nothis, Ebocka, Prota, Hepahtittane, Apnos, Yhene, Aldis, Wuondusfard, and Avlai.

Not long after. Freddeaviyte showed up to the palace, which surprised Zeponaɪ̯on and Uneimon. Zeponaɪ̯on and Uneimon felt guilty for having completely forgotten about their brother, and they taught him their language and they talked for a while. Fregdeaviyte had created a son from precious metals that he had created and his literal knowledge, named Yaebert. Zeponaɪ̯on and Uneimon told Fregdeaviyte that he should live with them, but Fregdeaviyte informed them that he took heavily after his father and that a cesspool of evil had formed around him where he lived. With this, he returned home, not to be seen for a long time.

Over the Galooagosic’s lifetime, until they were what we would call young adults, they helped their parents create and name. Over this time, each and everyone became akin to a certain thing like water, war, light, etc. And eventually, they grew to like each other and start relationships. Some fights broke out between the males, namely between Sirga, Ebocka, and Yhene, but the biggest fight occurred between Parga and Hepahtittane. Parga being the Galooagosic of the area of the Sky and Hepahtittane being the Galooagosic of War and Forge.

It was a battle in a mountain that had been carved out for years by the Galooagosic, it sat a little ways away from Zeponaɪ̯on and Uneimon so the Galooagosic could do anything they wanted, especially fighting. Parga and Hepahtittane were to fight over Lopetag, soon to be Galooagosic of Dimensions, because they had both fallen in love with her. The rest of the Galooagosic were surprised by this, nobody messed with Hepahtittane. Afterall, Hepahtittane was the deity of war, what a silly fight! But Parga had a trick up his sleeve, a very nasty one that would win him the fight. Parga made a temporary alliance with Ebocka, Galooagosic of Trickery, and Niydon, Galooagosicess of Light. The deal went as such: when the fight started Parga would solely fight Hepahtittane. But when Parga started to lose Niydon would cut out all of the light from the Sky and the three of them would beat up Hepahtittane.

So when the fight commenced, the plan went as such and Hepahtittane was beaten. When Hepahtittane admitted defeat, the sun’s light restored, Parga stood looking victorious. Hepahtittane was a Galooagosic of his word, and he let Parga have Lopetag. They got married and that night, in celebration, Lopetag ended up in pregnancy. She was extremely distraught by this and ran to Uneimon for help and guidance because she loved Hepahtittane, not Parga. Uneimon told her one thing, go to where no Galooagosic could go. And so Lopetag created a new dimension that she called Pahmer, and the subdimenion she called Oçehull. She had her children here: Tuttlus, Kumusa, Oma, Embrósus, Parda and the Circle Of The Sky (Five sky gods named, Skiymens, Lycabel, Da-keh, Astendawen and Derwner).

They were to live in this new world under their mother’s protection, away from Parga. Soon, Lopetag got the courage to return to Pookii, of which she really just wanted to see Hepahtittane again. She found him and they talked for a good while, days in fact. Hepahtittane said that for every child that one of the Galooagosic has, she should take them to her new world. Lopetag was surprised to be told that Ebocka and Prota had children named Timenii, Unapar, and Umbalaca. She found Prota, and Prota was very happy when Lopetag asked to take him. Prota said that it was not safe anymore for their children as Parga was having nonstop fits about Lopetag’s disappearance.

When Lopetag returned again to Pookii again she found that Wuondusfard and Avlai had two children: Akouma and Padduon. Aldis and Yhene had a child: Locto. Nothis and Sirga had a child: Tel. Tiydra and Natrel had four children: Horck, Gohja, Waka, and Marais. Each time she returned to Pahmer she brought with her more of her Nephews and Nieces until it came to the last two Galooagosic to have children Hepahtittane and Apnos. Lopetag was taken by sadness, but she understood that Hepahtittane had moved on in her absence, and she was technically still married to Parga. Hepahtittane and Apnos children were Heamot, Jabuso, and Hiyáthan.

The era ends with all of the Older Gods in Pahmer.

The Teclnatl:

During this era, in Pookii, the Tectlnatl, a creation of Zeponaɪ̯on, created their own thriving civilization of creatures they called the Pthešal, of whom they were the “Gods” of.

Pthešal were humans that resembled orcs with long foreheads, huge body size and two large bottom front teeth that stuck out of their mouths, but they had reddish brown skin.

In fear of the civilization falling to ruins by the ever present force of evil from Fregdeayviyte, the original Teclnatl devised a plan in which Mnace and Gda would have a child that bore and consumed the evil. Pahldahl was born.

From birth, Pahldahl was a very happy boy. He was raised among the Pthešal and was cherished by them, but when his strength got too powerful as he grew up absorbing the evil from Fregdeaviyte, the Teclnatl exiled him to far away.

Confused and angry he sought revenge on the Teclnatl. He found his way back and killed Urgek to which everything flooded. He killed Aniia and the souls reeked havoc everywhere. He killed his father and everything went cold. He found his mother, who he missed. He killed her too and all Pthešal died. He then killed himself because he couldn’t live with the guilt. That was the last of the Teclnatl. Pahldahl was named after him, the Third Dimension, in rememberance of the Teclnatl and as a reminder to never repeat this.

This is referred to as the Teclnatl Genocide.

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