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The Archaltar Athenaeum, Arckenⱥtim Athenelb, is an ancient library that sits in the middle of Oçehull on a plateau on the White Mountain and on the edge of the Regal City.

The library itself is massive and stores all known knowledge and literature from the Third Dimension. Every time a person dies, be it Yonkapas, Grytos, etc, a book is written by a Daglon and stored in the Archaltar.

It houses tons of artifacts including the Extinction Pillar and the Creation Cube.


The library was originally built as a monastery by Padduon, Jabuso and Tel during the era EP.

In the Second New Era, the library was expanded into a huge building by Jabuso and Tel. Padduon returned later in the era to expand the building again, this time making it into a large library with the help of Embrósus, Marais and Umbalaca.

In the next era, the Third New Era, the gods started to transcribe stories and histories from the Helcras and the Taeradons. Immidiently after, the Gods started to record everything about the Yonkapas, from when they were created in the First New Era to current times.


The Archaltar is made majority of white marble.

It features a dome on the top with a statute of Unapar, which was added after she was killed during the Third God-Vraothaen War.

The building features many grand halls, accompanied by a plethora of arches and fountains.

The lake at its side is named the Pond of Literature, and there are many struts of white marble that sit on the edges.