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Younger Goddess of Mercantilism and Horses

Associated with Migration and Currency


Ỹlrⱥt disappeared in the Empire Era due to unknown causes and where she went or is, is unknown.

It is known that a Nyften Queen, Astel the Ugly, had something to do with her disappearance. But it was found out, as she told a Cloudheart before she was killed by said Cloudheart, that she didn't know where Ỹlrⱥt was, only that the queen had helped in the disappearance of which she didn't go into detail.

What the Nyften Queen said has been questioned as well, because several people on different accounts throughout different times have claimed to have seen, talked and even hugged her. It can only be speculated that she could have escaped if she was captured, but again, nothing has been or can be proven.

There is speculation that she is still alive based on the Law of Creation because her creation, the Horse, is still in existence.

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